What is going Digital driven by Artificial Intelligence?

Simply, it is about a new way of conducting processes within and outside the business, a new way of engaging with customers and a new breed of innovative products & services, all of which resulting or resulted from significant technological advances. And, today, Artificial Intelligence is the new proven set of disruptive technologies leveraged in companies’ digital transformation for faster, smoother & better growth and benefits.




Learn more about Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is already shaking up the world by breaking through all industries in the world, bringing in effects that are only becoming more and more pronounced with each passing day.

Smart companies need to gain competitive advantage by integrating AI in their digital transformation.

Why Digital & AI Matters?

The global economy is transforming into a digital economy. Everywhere you turn, digital dominates daily consumer life (see below chart). When you are not digital, you miss the opportunity to do things faster, better & more connected that will result in outstanding customer experience. You will lose customers quicker than you think because they will lose track of your value when they are not in the loop of your businesses digitally.

And when it comes to digitisation through adopting AI into your business solutions, the results are many folds better because the transformation is generally bigger & bolder.

However, the fact remains that AI can offer significant competitive advantages only to companies that adopt AI wholeheartedly, starting from the leadership team.


Learn more about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) from UiPath (https://www.uipath.com). UiPath has been recognised as a leader in “The Forrester Wave: RPA, Q2 2018” report. 

DBN is proud to be certified trained by UiPath RPA Academy. 

Partnering UiPath, we will deliver viable and cost effective solutions for your businesses.


Learn more about Machine Learning (ML) from DataRobot. ML is an emerging technology that has matured to solve real-life problems. It works on the principle of developing mathematical models based on a significant amount of captured data. The models are trained & tested. Subsequently, they can be utilised to predict outcomes and decision makings. There are many good open source solutions available. ML & RPA are often combined to deliver “intelligent” automation. 

Partnering reputable ML providers, we will deliver viable and cost effective solutions for your businesses.

Why Us

DBN is not a large firm. We are an earnest and passionate team with the skills and knowledge to help you succeed cost effectively and quickly. We advocate understanding your digital vision & business requirements thoroughly, designing to clear objectives specifically, deploying small pilots purposefully, measuring results intensively and reviewing for continuous improvements religiously. That’s it. No fanciful jargon. No complex and difficult models.

There are too many off-the-shelf and open source platforms. They are designed and developed based on defined intents & purposes, blueprints and markets. One size don’t fit all. And you don’t want to build a team to learn, configure, deploy and manage these platforms above all the existing ones. However, fret not. Let us fix this puzzle for you.


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